St. Augustine's Most Haunted Historic Sites (2023)

St. Augustine's Most Haunted Historic Sites (2023)

Eerie encounters and haunted landmarks: Where echoes of the past linger and ghostly inhabitants are waiting to recount their timeless tales!

Steven James

Steven James

🕒 June 20, 2023

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Greetings, fear-loving wanderers, and welcome to St. Augustine, Florida - a city that's got more spirits than a prohibition-era speakeasy! Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night.

St. Francis Inn

Settle in for a tale steeped in the annals of time, stretching back to the perilous days of the Second Spanish Colonial Period. The St. Francis Inn, a fortress-like sanctuary constructed under the King of Spain's orders, houses a specter of stories as numerous as its many past occupants. A blend of military families, star-crossed lovers, and renowned literary figures have etched their stories into the Inn's aging walls.

Today, the spectral inhabitants of the St. Francis Inn make their presence known with a panoply of paranormal pranks. The flickering of lights, the mysterious appearance of dry objects amidst the rain, and disembodied whispers are all part of the Inn's eerie charm. And let's not forget about those playful spirits who simply can't resist tugging at bed sheets and scattering your belongings across the floor! Fear not, though, my fright-seeking friends - these apparitions are friendlier than your average ghoul, albeit a tad mischievous.

The Old Jail

Creep along, my intrepid spectral sleuths, as we unlock the harrowing history of the Old Jail, a ghastly relic from 1891. Belying its inviting pink exterior, this dread-inducing edifice at 167 San Marco Ave. was once the site of St. Johns County Jail, where for 60 fright-filled years, the unfortunates were held captive. Constructed a safe distance from Henry Flagler's luxurious lodgings, its seemingly innocuous exterior belied the grim realities within. This terror-trap was designed by the same creative ghouls behind Alcatraz!

Spirits Haunting Corridor

The deathly air here is heavy with the spectral remains of those who met their maker on its grim gallows. Once home to the most hardened criminals, now the spirits of these nefarious inmates are rumored to roam the corridors. Keep a wary eye out for Charlie Powell, the gallows' most notorious guest. His eerie ectoplasmic echo still mingles with the living, ever eager to recount his less than swift dispatch into the great beyond.

If you're hankering for some darkness, the Old Jail After Dark is a must. A 45-minute paranormal investigation awaits those brave enough to face the spectral past of this ghastly edifice. Warning: you may not be alone. Ghost hunters flock here like moths to a spectral flame Feeling the chill of despair yet? Well, just you wait, for no fewer than eight men met their doom at the end of a hangman's noose here. The shivers you're feeling isn't just from the AC, my friends!

Castillo de San Marcos

Stand amidst centuries of history at the Castillo de San Marcos, the largest masonry structure of its kind in the USA. Perhaps the faint touch you feel is a cold, spectral hand or the melancholy gaze of a Spanish Soldier at sunrise. It's a hauntingly beautiful place to get your chills.

Spanish Military Hospital

The Spanish Military Hospital, built on a native Timucuan burial ground, echoes with the cries of the departed. Shadows of patients in hospital gowns, ghostly moans, and even spectral bodies on empty beds await within these haunted halls. Got a chill running down your spine? Blame the icy hands of its ghostly residents!

Casablanca Inn

Prepare to be spooked at the Casablanca Inn! This inn, with a view of the Matanzas Bay, shimmers with more than just sunlight - it's also home to the ghost of its former owner. Listen closely, and you might just hear footsteps, or catch a glimpse of a ghostly lantern swaying in the wind.

Don Pedro Horruytiner House

Brace yourselves, my haunted history buffs, as we travel down the spectral streets to 214 St. George Street. This residence, dating back to the First Spanish period, has played host to governors of yesteryears and is now home to otherworldly occupants. The eerie tale began with Brigita Gomez, who, while tending her roses, came face-to-face with two spectral ladies of the house.

Even in the afterlife, they couldn't resist the charm of her yellow roses, which they returned to her doorstep the following morning. Who knows? You too might catch a glimpse of these ethereal tenants, still fond of a blooming garden.

Florida Cemetery

Huguenot Cemetery

As we stroll down the cobblestone streets, we'll cross the Old City Gate to visit the Huguenot Cemetery, a burial ground with its own cadre of crypt-dwelling cronies. In the 1800s, Judge John B. Stickney succumbed to the deathly grip of yellow fever, his body resting eternally amidst the graves of the faithful. But alas, even in death, our dear judge found no peace. Grave robbers, the dastardly devils, pilfered his gold teeth and valuables. So beware, dear visitor. It's been said Judge John B. Stickney still roams these grounds today, searching for his stolen gold teeth. Keep your wits about you - or you might end up giving the judge a hand!

Flagler College

Next on our ghoulish itinerary is Flagler College, once the grandiose Ponce de Leon Hotel. Here, dear spectral scholars, Henry Flagler himself, along with his estranged second wife Ida Alicia and an enigmatic lady in black (rumored to be his mistress), continue to roam the premises. Students tell tales of a stern, paternal presence keeping a watchful eye. Every so often, a dapper specter sporting a mustache and early 20th-century attire can be seen gliding around the rotunda.

But beware, fellow phantom aficionados! The college is decidedly tight-lipped about its haunted history. You'll need to embark on a Flagler Legacy Tour for a glimpse inside – but ghostly gossip is decidedly off the curriculum.

The Former Scarlett O'Hara's building

A place where love, betrayal, and tragedy brew a potent paranormal punch. Initially two homes, it was lovingly crafted by the heartbroken Mr. Colee for his fickle fiancée, who spurned his affections for a rugged soldier. However, tragedy struck when Mr. Colee was found drowned in his bathtub after his subsequent marriage. His death, deemed a suicide, fueled rumors of foul play involving his scorned lover and her soldier spouse.

Nowadays, Mr. Colee’s spirit seems to have a fondness for the men's restroom on the second floor. Visitors report feeling a chilling touch on their shoulders and a cold breath down their necks. Be warned, fellow spectral spectators, this tale of love and loss is sure to send shivers down your spine!

St Augustine Lighthouse

St. Augustine Lighthouse Park

Prepare for a heart-stopping tale, my dear frightful followers! The lighthouse we see today isn't St. Augustine's first dalliance with the dark. Oh no! The original beacon of doom met its match in the hands of Mother Nature. During the construction of its successor in 1873, five young souls found themselves embroiled in a deadly game. Unbeknownst to them, their innocent play upon a workers' rail car would lead them straight into the icy embrace of the Grim Reaper. As their lives were extinguished in the salty depths of the ocean, a new legacy was birthed.

Today, the playful echoes of their laughter can be heard, and their spectral forms seen around the lighthouse grounds - a chilling reminder of the tragedy that once unfolded. Dare to snap a photo, and you might just capture a ghoulish photobomb! Beware, my ghostly globetrotters, the playground of the departed awaits.

Well, my intrepid ghost enthusiasts, that's all for now. St. Augustine, with its breathtaking beauty and chilling history, is waiting for you. So pack your courage, grab your EVP recorder, and get ready for an adventure that is out of this world!

Remember, there's nothing to fear but fear itself... and perhaps a ghost or two. Happy Haunting!

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