The Ghostly Charms of Amelia Island (Fernandina Beach, FL)

The Ghostly Charms of Amelia Island (Fernandina Beach, FL)

Step into the eerie elegance of Amelia Island, where spectral revelers and long-lost lovers share their timeless tales from beyond the grave, promising an otherworldly adventure that sends chills down your spine!

Steven James

Steven James

🕒 June 21, 2023

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Well, well, well, what do we have here? A soul brave enough to embark on a bone-chilling journey through the haunted heart of Florida’s Amelia Island. A place where history weaves a tapestry of timeless tales that are far from restful. It's not just the balmy breezes that will send shivers down your spine here. Gather 'round, if you dare, as we unearth the spectral secrets of this beguiling isle.

Ghosts in Cemetery

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and Cemetery

The dead are just dying to meet you at St. Peter's Episcopal Church and Cemetery. Cloaked in a spectral shroud of Spanish moss, this graveyard is more than just a resting place for the departed. Say cheese for the 'orbs', will you? They love a good photobomb. And, oh, the tale of the Duryees and their cursed mirror is a crackin’ good story. After Amelia’s ashes were placed near the mirror, it fractured overnight, a chilling sign that even in death, she wasn't too pleased about her new abode.

Amelia Island Williams House

Next on our ghostly guide, we head to the grand old dame herself, the Amelia Island Williams House. Its very walls whisper stories of a time when Union troops sought refuge here. And the partying guests? They've been raising a spectral glass or two for over a century. So, don’t be surprised if you spot well-dressed phantoms descending the staircase, or catch the friendly chatter from the dining room. They're just carrying on as they always have, forever stuck in their spirited soiree.

Bosque Bello Cemetery

'Bosque Bello' – even the name whispers of a beauty that veils a darker side. Here, the laughter of phantom children echoes through the headstones, sending a chill down your spine that no Florida sun can warm. Eyes in the treetops watch your every move, but don’t be fooled, these are not the feathered kind. They belong to the spectral children of the cemetery, who seem to find endless delight in their ghostly games.

Egan's Creek

Egan’s Creek Greenway, a verdant oasis with a treasure trove of ghostly tales. You see, a pirate once decided to bury his plunder here, marking it with a chain over an oak tree. But his victory was short-lived, as he met a slithery, venomous end. Now, if you see a rusty chain in a tree, best to let sleeping pirates lie.

Florida House Inn

At the Florida House Inn, a whiff of lavender might be your first clue that you're not alone. Miz Leddy, the major’s wife, still struts her stuff, her perfume lingering long after her departure. And don’t be surprised if you find antique shoes mysteriously moved. That's just Miz Leddy, playing her centuries-old game of hide-and-seek.

Fort Clinch

Even the sturdy Fort Clinch isn’t immune to the hauntings of Amelia Island. The story goes that a Confederate soldier, smitten by love, made a promise to his sweetheart he couldn’t keep. His specter now wanders the grounds, a grim reminder that love and war make for a deadly cocktail.

Old Town

Old Town, or as we ghouls like to call it, the OG haunt, has a history that goes way back. A witch named Felipa once called this place home, brewing love potions that surely brought more than one lovelorn soul to her door. And beware on your sixteenth birthday – a drowned teenager might just decide to make an appearance.

Palace Saloon

Last, but not least, we find ourselves at the Palace Saloon, the oldest watering hole in Florida. Here, the legendary bartender Charlie has left an enduring legacy. If you feel a cold hand on your shoulder, don't fret - it's just Charlie, coaxing you into his favorite bar game. And don't mind the phantom music or glasses clinking - it's all part of the charm.

And so, dear thrill-seekers, we've reached the end of our ghostly gallivant through Amelia Island. But remember, the tales we've told are just the tip of the tombstone. For those brave enough, this spectral paradise awaits with open arms, ready to reveal its shadowy secrets. So pack your bravery, a dash of curiosity, and join us on this island of eternal twilight. After all, a little scare never killed anyone, right?

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