The Haunted Ashley's Restaurant (Rockledge, FL)

The Haunted Ashley's Restaurant (Rockledge, FL)

The deliciously eerie world of Ashley's Restaurant in Rockledge, Florida, where your dinner reservation includes a side of supernatural tales and spectral sightings – an unforgettable dining experience for all ghoul-loving gastronomes!

Steven James

Steven James

🕒 June 21, 2023

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Fellow ghost gourmands, dare to dine with the dead at Ashley's Restaurant in Rockledge, Florida, where the food isn't the only thing that'll make your heart skip a beat! Picture a shadowy English pub, hiding eerie secrets within its darkened nooks and crannies. This seemingly cozy joint carries a hefty plate of spectral tales that are served hot with your order. Buckle up, my macabre merrymakers; your ride through Ashley’s tantalizingly terrifying tale is about to begin!

History of Ashley's Restaurant

Ashley's isn't your average munch-stop. This place is steeped in history, simmering with stories of a bygone era. Once known as 'The Mad Duchess' and 'The Loose Caboose', this old-timer retains the charm of an English pub, what with its dark wood and stained-glass décor. They say the site it stands on was once a bustling train station that went up in flames, and even a potential Indian burial ground. Oh, what a frightful recipe for the supernatural!

The Legend of Ethel Allen

Enter Ethel Allen, the tragic protagonist of our spectral saga. A young woman whose life was cruelly snuffed out, leaving her eternally tethered to this haunt. Ethel was last seen at Jack's Tavern, but her mangled, charred remains washed up on the Indian River’s banks. Some say her violent end wasn't at the river, but right here, within the chilling confines of the restaurant. Gives 'dining in' a whole new meaning, doesn't it?

Hauntings and Paranormal Activities

Here's where things get real bone-chilling. Ghostly hijinks are common, particularly around the stairs and the ladies’ room. Paranormal enthusiasts have reported unseen forces pushing them, objects skedaddling around on their own, and the phantom tapping that's enough to send a chill up your spine. If you're feeling brave, pop into the restroom, where a psychic claims Ethel met her gruesome end. But don’t be surprised if you spot a specter in period clothing checking her reflection in the mirror!

The Other Spectral Tenants

As if Ethel's ghostly shenanigans weren’t enough, rumor has it she's not the only tenant from the beyond. Whispers of apparitions linked to fatal mishaps on the nearby train tracks or highway add an extra dash of terror to the locale. Talk about uninvited dinner guests! This spectral assembly makes Ashley’s the perfect haunt for those with a penchant for the paranormal.

Ashley's Restaurant Today

Despite its eerie patrons, Ashley's continues to lure in a bevy of living, breathing customers, proudly wearing its haunted badge. With scrumptious dishes to devour and specters to spot, this establishment serves up a hair-raising dining experience that's anything but ordinary. Rest assured, whether you're there for the ghost stories or the grub, Ashley’s promises a meal you'll remember...if you survive dessert, that is.

If you're ravenous for a side of spooks with your supper, Ashley’s is the place to be. Between its history, hauntings, and culinary delights, this haunt offers an experience that's truly out of this world. So, what say you, ghost gourmands? Fancy a trip to Ashley's Restaurant? After all, what's dinner without a dash of the supernatural?

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